Saturday, July 5, 2008

"this is intelligence" an epistle to the Revelationists

this a response to long thread on Above Top Secret

it always amazes me how far xtians [no I won't call you christians, you are hypocrites, and money handlers and criminals. we know what Jeshua bin Joseph did to those punks... ] go not to think.

You accuse people of evil influence when your entire life is run by a book by questionable authors compiled by romans hundreds of years ago, works by a myriad of great and also foul men.

it is a book.

you cling to it because society does not question you doing so.

if I say the only way is through me, and have 12 guys write twelve stories of how wicked cool I am, and get myself arrested and fake my death, wait a thousand years.... there will be millions of people like you who will beleive the whole thing.

this is what is happening with L Ron Hubbard right now. he was a drug addict, all the way to his death.
he was a criminal and a litigous curmudgeon.

He invented narconon, while downing amphetamines and barbiturates and rum, with a crew of 13-16 year old girls lighting his cigarettes and wiping his butt.

why? he was in it for the money. when he wasn't getting as much in as he thought he should, he squeezed the members and pushed for recruitment, and raised the price of his 'techs'

when enough people got to the 'final level', he just 'discovered' another one and wrote up a new tech while blazing on speed.

why do people fall for it?

Hard sell techniques, and of course, a grain of usefulness. in fact, even William Seward Burroughs thought that the original Dianetics was very useful.

see, it's after they hook you that they charge you more and more for increasingly useless stuff.

in OT3 you essentially ouija board YOURSELF to exorcise your demons... woops! I mean body thetans.

but back to xtianity.

you are following to the letter a text that has been translated hundreds of years ago for the third time by a group of people whose livelihood depends on fleecing you, and to fleece you, they must own you.

to own you they convince you that there is an invisible man, who lives in the sky and watches everything you do, every day of your life, and makes lists of things he will punish you to eternal damnation for if you do them... but he loves you.

(propitiations to George Carlin go here)

how exactly do you know that demons have no bodies?

because the bible says so.

why is adultery wrong?

because the bible says so

Neophobia begotten by control.

if you are a man of intelligence, why would you suppose a supreme being would be so concerned with what you think of him?

if a supreme being is so merciful, why is there a way to mess up, unless he WANTS you to mess up?

oh, but he LOVES you, so we have to reconcile that by picking a prominent angel called Satan, who seems to be pretty tight with the Big Guy (see Job)
and we'll make him Angra Mainyu, that is, the Evil God, god's twin, so that way we can blame all the bad stuff on him.

What is wrong?
What is right?

there are only relatives to an intelligent man, there are things that aid survival and things that aid death.

safe/danger. survival/non-survival.

so what is not safe is Evil.

what is safe is Good.

an intelligent man is a practical man. if something is found to be helpful to him, he will adopt it, label it good. if he finds something to be harmful, that he labels bad.

this is for reference.

I have too few characters left to continue.

final point:

why do you assume an angel is a physical being? an angel or even god is beyond you, so they would not be confined to a body, as you are.

maybe a discorporate being would be like a man, not evil or good, just trying to survive.. well, maybe they eat our emotions, our beliefs.

do you call the wolf evil for eating the rabbit?
perhaps the carrot can forgive the rabbit for eating it.

this is intelligence.

everything has to eat.


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