Thursday, November 13, 2008

Evolution v Intelligent Desgin... wait, what?

why must intelligent design and evolution be opposed?
do I believe that an invisible man made two people out of dirt and we all come from them? NO. that’s just stupid.
it IS possible for an anomaly like a cyclone going through a junkyard, and making a 747 by accident… but only once. EVER. and I’d shit bricks.
that being said, Bud’s Theory of Evolution presupposes that cyclones have been turning out 747s every thursday afternoon, for trillions of years. also stupid.

the real question is: why does life cling to survival?
why does it care? if we come from a bunch of minerals that got hit by weird electricity or just happened to decide one day that they’d become an animal, then what caused that, because this theory depends on an inherent mind that is independent of matter, you know, like GOD or something.

just because Bible Freaks say and think dumb stuff, doesn’t mean that Atheism is the only answer.

Agnosticism. it’s called intelligence. I have seen stuff happen randomly, and sometimes it happens in such a way that the Neuroses of Religion makes me think that when I have an experience of synchronicity, it’s like God is winking at me.

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Iguana-Lizard said...

a guy quoted thusly:

"Steve Verdon provides a helpful footnote regarding evolution (

*For the scientifically illiterate: Evolution is a fact, evolutionary theory is just a theory…just like the theories of gravity are just theories, but please feel free to disbelieve them then jump off a building. If you’ve found this footnote offensive, please read the long winded explanation below the fold.

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me about those who support creationism, intelligent design and oppose the concept of evolution is that they are amazing hypocrites. They will say things like, “Evolution is only a theory.” No. This. Is. Wrong. Evolution–i.e. that organisms change at a genetic level–is an observed fact. The theory man has constructed to explain the myriad of facts that fall under the broad umbrella of evolution is “just a theory”. However, this applies to other real phenomena such as gravity. Take a penny and drop it. It falls to the floor. It always falls to the floor. Of all the billions and billions of times people have dropped pennies (hear on earth) there is not one instance where the penny has not fallen to the floor. Do we fully understand gravity and how it works? No. Is there a single theory of gravity? No. Are there “gaps” in the theory? Yes. So why don’t all these people who fight so vigorously against evolution fight just as vigorously against gravity? My guess is because they know that people will regard them as irrational kooks who really and truly are anti-science. But evolution and evolutionary theory…why that is hard to understand without lots of set-up costs. So evolution is a “soft target”. But the exact same arguments that the Creos use against evolutionary theory can be leveled against any and all scientific theories. The bottom line is that these people are either ignorant or willfully obtuse. In either way, I don’t see it as a good thing in a candidate for any office including dog catcher."

so I wrote in retort:

Steve Verdon's quote there is correct, but does nothing to assuage the distaste that agnostics or religious people feel for Atheistic Evolution Theory.

I understand the quote is directed towards Palin-types who seem to think that dinosaur bones were put in the ground by god to test our faith, but I just want to remind everyone that because you belive in direction, in a kind of limited predestination, in that there is the high possibility that there may be a larger consciousness (not just one of those Gaea thingers, like Higher Order animals, Quantum Angels?) informing the molecular or cellular changes to some degree, and that it would appear according to accumulated data that all these changes being devoid of conscious intent on the part of the Evolvee or a Quantum Angel would seem preposterous.

Random Chance always plays a role, however, it seems important to point out that the Atheistic/Unconscious Evolutionary Model is as imbalanced and ridiculous on it's face as the Xtian Version.