Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mythological Thinking and Quantum Angels

I had a thought today, and it was very interesting, and it stuck to my consciousness like gum on an old boot.

There's a girl I like to talk to, she is essentially a literalist, and I was trying to reconfigure my paradigms and dig for ideas, so I could make her reality intelligible to my own.

Have you ever heard of Quantum Angels?

I have told her that she has based her worldview on a collection of Jewish Fairy Tales, as Bill Maher would say, a bunch of semi-historical myths cribbed from the civilizations that dominated the middle east 5,000 years ago.

And yet, there is a kind of allegory, if you read Genesis as a simplification of evolution, it still makes sense, in an incomplete, simplified way...

but what was beginning to stick to my brain was The DreamTime... Mythological Thinking has it's power, because if there are Quantum Angels, and our expectations inform our realities, then it must be considered that perhaps there is a location in spacetime, a time and a place, that's there right now, but it's also in the past, because it informs this world, it creates this world, and the Quantum Angels make it so...

every world is interconnected, the world of the mind and the world of the body, and the world of energy and so on.

a mirror, but some are mirrors that give truly opposite reflections..

in some time that is right now, but somehow before, there IS a garden and a snake and a sword of fire, and these things really are happening, these Mythological Worlds, and they are what our minds make of the data we receive from higher order emanations, from different reflections our minds cannot cope with...

if you look deep enough inside, will Krishna be smiling back you, will he be playing his flute? Quantum Physics and Chaos Theory have done nothing less than proved these Fairy Tales true, but in a very infuriating sense.

I remember a line from a movie I enjoy, Total Recall: 'listen to yourself, Doug.. she's real because you dreamed her?'

just a thought, just a thought that stuck to the roof of my brain like peanut butter, and me with no milk...

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