Thursday, November 13, 2008

Evolution v Intelligent Desgin... wait, what?

why must intelligent design and evolution be opposed?
do I believe that an invisible man made two people out of dirt and we all come from them? NO. that’s just stupid.
it IS possible for an anomaly like a cyclone going through a junkyard, and making a 747 by accident… but only once. EVER. and I’d shit bricks.
that being said, Bud’s Theory of Evolution presupposes that cyclones have been turning out 747s every thursday afternoon, for trillions of years. also stupid.

the real question is: why does life cling to survival?
why does it care? if we come from a bunch of minerals that got hit by weird electricity or just happened to decide one day that they’d become an animal, then what caused that, because this theory depends on an inherent mind that is independent of matter, you know, like GOD or something.

just because Bible Freaks say and think dumb stuff, doesn’t mean that Atheism is the only answer.

Agnosticism. it’s called intelligence. I have seen stuff happen randomly, and sometimes it happens in such a way that the Neuroses of Religion makes me think that when I have an experience of synchronicity, it’s like God is winking at me.