Sunday, October 25, 2009


this one went surprisingly fast. Maybe I'm getting into some kind of rhythm.

release: Next Spring ??

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

page six? [UNACCEPTABLE!]

so here is what has been designated 'page six'. I'm sure you've already seen other incarnations of this page, but this one I did tonight.

What do you think?

I'm terrible at expressing myself.

I have noticed that of the comics and rants I've posted online that they are all examples of how not to create an emotional, thoughtful world.

These pages in Roger Owt are on the surface, a world not dissimilar to the one I am trying to create, however, the places where Roger is observing the cognitive processes of pigeons is offending my sense of personal ability,

in short: I suck.

However, I believe I can redeem myself. I have many such thoughtful pages, it's just I'm so far behind. I may just eschew trying to build up the front end of it and just cut it down to the 70 or so good pages. Of course, it won't make as much sense, but the emotional and psychological content will possibly make up for that.

Not that it's deep, heavy stuff. Robots and plush animals and interdimensional space war is never all that Shakespearean.


Roger The Fuck Owt

new comic Roger Owt by the incomparable Adam Fastman and the inimitable Juan Ochoa.

International cooperation at it's best.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Unacceptable! page one final

this is the first page of my highly overworked and over-edited, though still strangely not-quite-right Comic/Graphic Novel. I'll post them here as they get done, and release them as a whole in .cbr format for viewing on Comical when it's all done.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

this dmt alien thing

Okay Mula I looked into this DMT alien thing on the internet, and I found about a hundred thousand different reports of apparent contact with aliens, angels, elves, hyperdimensional god like selves or whatever

So I think that a good rational materialist skeptic, even after repeated hefty doses of the chemical resulting in repeated interrelated and seemingly impossible experiences of contact with vast inhuman intelligences, would have to stop short of concluding that DMT is an actual gateway to contact with whatever sort of alien the individual experiencer feels him/herself to be in contact with.

Instead the skeptic can settle somewhere in the neighborhood of a pleasant bullet list of possibilities, some of which could be eliminated with proper experimentation... most of which are not exclusive to one another...

* Everyone doing this is making it up ( very easy to eliminate this as a possibility, if it is untrue, if you have access to the chemical )

* People hearing highly detailed accounts of alien contact from others subconsciously program themselves to have a similar experience.

* The human imagination is capable of supporting apparently omniscientient telepathic lifeforms under the influence of extremely powerful psychedelic drugs. An extension of the childhood capacity for apparently autonomous and self-determining "Imaginary Friends".

* Aliens created humanity and put DMT all over the place in grass and trees and roots and frogs and fish and human brains as a method for humans to contact said progenitor aliens. (EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO FALSIFY THIS ONE)

The list can be really long! But people getting into this stuff can afford to get skeptical about the specifics.