Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm terrible at expressing myself.

I have noticed that of the comics and rants I've posted online that they are all examples of how not to create an emotional, thoughtful world.

These pages in Roger Owt are on the surface, a world not dissimilar to the one I am trying to create, however, the places where Roger is observing the cognitive processes of pigeons is offending my sense of personal ability,

in short: I suck.

However, I believe I can redeem myself. I have many such thoughtful pages, it's just I'm so far behind. I may just eschew trying to build up the front end of it and just cut it down to the 70 or so good pages. Of course, it won't make as much sense, but the emotional and psychological content will possibly make up for that.

Not that it's deep, heavy stuff. Robots and plush animals and interdimensional space war is never all that Shakespearean.


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